Dr. Jürgen Molner starts with Molner Health Center

New Health Platform with Jamieson Webshop and Dr. Strunz News

Cooperating with well-known institutions like Jamieson Labs in Canada and Germany’s best-known physician, Dr. Ulrich Strunz, the Viennese project manager Dr. Jürgen Molner starts with Molner Health Center (www.molner.center). The internet portal propagates the “Frohmedizin” (self-healing, epigenetics) with the pillars nutrition, movement and meditation as a counter-pole to the ever more expensive “repair medicine”.

Dr. Jürgen Molner with “Omega-3 Select” of the world-wide brand Jamieson. (Photo: Molner.Center)

To this end Molner Health Center publishes the daily news of the best-selling author Strunz and also runs a webshop with the best products of the world-wide brand Jamieson. Their “360 pure” experts have been the world’s most famous producers of vitamins and minerals since 1922, and are thus, for the first time, enriching the Austrian market for food supplements (NEM). Molner.Center’s web shop offers 47 articles of the following types: energy, fatty acids, children, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

NEM are on the one hand increasingly popular and on the other hand just as strongly combated, because in high dosage they (can) perform miracles. Often proven enough! “Healthy eating is easy,” Molner says. “You only need to absorb the 47 vital nutrients in sufficient quantities, which are: 13 vitamins, 22 minerals, 2 fatty acids and 10 amino acids.” Post-sentence: “But try this without food supplements?” Or you think gray hair, for example, eyeglasses, two colds a year, depression and all the people’s illnesses up to cancer are normal (in old age).

Any healing is self-healing !

So does “resignation medicine” with its medicines (side effects!) and makes a business out of at present 30,000 (!) diseases – of the mainly seated man. “However, if you have to supplement vitamins and minerals every day, and these in high dosage cure diseases, then you should have a lot of them at home,” Molner Health Center recommends. “Any healing is self-healing or how about more life energy?”

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